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Heart Openers




Just four weeks ago, more or less exactly, we noticed a green-eyed lady on a showcard from Women Management and couldn't not include her to our lists of models to watch, carefully. Polina Park joined our little papers as a future favorite of ours and a serious contender for the shows to come. We had to wait until the very last days of Paris Fashion Week to know we were right as it's known and seen that Polina opened Givenchy's collection.




Equally delightful surprise from Paris is Daniela Kocianova opening Céline and... actually closing the show too. After some silent times, another favorite (let's even say all-time fave) is getting her well-deserved slice of spotlights. The witty Daniela with her unique looks surely knows the recipe to handle first-class bookings with care, class and much charisma. Our only regret is not to have newer digitals with her now-longer hair. But these definitely do justice to her beauty.

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