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Greetings from Planet Paprika

        Adina Forizs @ IMG Title stolen for that song by Shantel we can't stop listening to. Pictures stolen from latest issue of L'Officiel Paris (well, bought it). Mood stolen from the virtual salad (was a sandwich, actually) we had for lunch and headache stolen from last night. Good day, that means. And tons of work. But what do we own in the end ? A lot of inspiration, at least. Adina can't stop getting our attention since we saw her in an old ed from magyar mag The Room. Since then, love haven't been able to... [Lire la suite]
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In the Mix to the Max

    Barbara Palvin @ IMG (Paris) From sweet to acid to bitter to spicy. Using her sleek beauty from shade to shade, her doll features from angle to angle, Barbara Palvin offered us a unique fireworks of pictures this months. From L'Officiel to Jalouse, from the cover of the first to 20+ pages in the second. We're starting our trip in Barbara's world with our two picks from Jalouse's first story, Teddy Girl, shot by Paul Schmidt and style by Jennifer Eymere. From the heart of the 50's to next Summer, meet the new face who... [Lire la suite]
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Ginger Inger

        Lys Inger @ Avant (Russia), Marilyn (Paris, NY) If you don't write Avant Models black on white next to her name, it would be pretty hard to figure out where a girl like Lys Inger comes from. Obviously Russian when you know her mother agency but nothing in her (nick-)name or even her face screams East or West. Truth is she looks like a globetrotter from head to toe and was perfect for an editorial that seemed heavily inspired by traveling around the world. Wicked boho-chic or urban jungle, call the mood... [Lire la suite]
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Good Romance

    Romana Umrianova @ Elite (Prague/Bratislava), Elite (Paris, Milan, London), Supreme (NY) Waiting for this for a little while: a brand new opportunity to talk about Romana. Don't remember the last time but it might be for Paris fashion week, RTW Spring 2010, as one of the girls who left us the strongest impression. Nice natural style and lots of energy behind that cute little face and endlessly leggy silhouette. So, what's next for Ms. Umrianova ? A few things for sure and two pages in current issue of L'Officiel Paris... [Lire la suite]
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Relax, Baby, Everything will turn out fine...

    Shall we call it a soft comeback or simply admit that modelling careers are going high then low, easy come-easy go, these days ? We'd go for the second option without hesitating. Things aren't as linear as they could seem before, careers are getting more complicated to follow and almost every single model has to choose between her work and school duties at least two times a year. When you put all these criterias together, it becomes impossible to judge if a girl is really on the right slope or not. You can take a deep... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 17: Frida

  Frida Gustavsson @ IMG (Paris, NY, Milan, London) She walked everything a girl has to walk in New York (including Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Philosophy, Rodarte and Ralph Lauren). She was everywhere she had to be in London from Christopher Kane to Pringle, she opened Gianfranco Ferré in Milan and walked for Alberta Ferretti, Fendi, Jil Sander, Missoni among others in the same city. Sounds like name dropping and even if some will point out how one show is missing in that line-up, we just have to say she doesn't need... [Lire la suite]
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Even cheetahs are having a rest (but not too long)

Daria Strokous @ IMG (Paris) There is such a quiet atmosphere in this editorial by Eric Weidt for L'Officiel Paris march '09. Out of time and out of tune. Don't know. Out of this world maybe. A little bit the way it is these days. The after fashion weeks is always strange, everything seems familiar but we feel like strangers in our own life. Well, it never lasts. The pace is getting quickly faster again and we barely have time to sit down and relax. Things are going on again.Things should go on for Daria Strokous as... [Lire la suite]
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Chablis, pen, paper and no blockbuster

Elisa Sednaoui @ d'Management (Milan) We remember talking, with one of our friend living in Paris, about our favorite models and what makes them our actual favorites. And very often the convo went to the fact that models who stand out are like actresses, they express emotions very naturally. The comparison sounds a bit cliché sometimes and has been used several times but we still think it's often justified even there are some slight differences between pictures and motion pictures. Between silent glossy paper and dialogues. This... [Lire la suite]
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Immediate takeoff

Sofia Bartos @ MRA Models (Romania), Major (Paris), Major (NY) Current cover-girl of L'Officiel Paris and already spotted as one of the most promising models at Major (there actually many), she also have her complete editorial inside this issue, shot by Elina Kechicheva (and styled by Sabrina Marshall). We already knew from her test that's this girl can move and translate the movements on editorial pictures (which are static by nature). Fascinating poses and unforgettable eyes are probably going to be her trademark and it's... [Lire la suite]
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New shore

Lakshmi Menon @ Nathalie, Natalia Siodmak @ Next and Lee Hyun @ Major We've already featured the "Ones" from this editorial as well as Anastasia Kuznetsova's part. We thought the whole story was much interesting and the casting simply perfect. With the f/w 08-09 stunner Lee Hyun, the very busy Natalia Siodmak (she rocked Jalouse and much, much more) and the still too rare and so precious Lakshmi Menon. Obviously one of the most exciting multi-girls editorial this months. But beware, Mixte should be out today and we... [Lire la suite]
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