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Allaire_Ford_Bradford_Gregory4 Allaire_Ford_Bradford_Gregory2
Allaire_Ford_Bradford_Gregory3 Allaire_Ford_Bradford_Gregory1
Allaire Heisig @ Ford (NY)

First pick out of the package is Allaire. She was one of the summer stunners from Ford NY we introduced a dozen of days ago, she's back for a full feature this afternoon with her polaroids from last month (July is already behind us!) and some freshly-shot tests by Bradford Gregory. She counts among the classic beauties with a twist and also the brilliant newbies with a true will to model, she was discovered via Ford's online scouting tool at the beginning of the years and keeps the excitement growing on her at the same pace as the expectations of her agents. With loads of energy to spend in her new job and the perfect attitude, she's paving her path with diamonds like those above that makes easy to understand why it's so easy for her to learn.

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