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Swing Steps 
Ieva Marija @ Premier (London)

Freshly made polaroids (last Thursday to be correct) and currently on stay in London. Two tiny bits of sentence to describe the situation and explain why another feature on the lovely Ieva Marija. As if it would need any explanation but it's always nice to remember the context to understand the evolution of a model's career, may it be the first steps (or second steps for that matter). Launched on the international modeling scene by Joy Star System, from Latvia -- but you might remember -- and no less than 5'10"5 high, Ieva Marija's career as it's what we're talking about is crafted by Premier in London right now and for those who think our wording is too abstract, it translates by her book is growing both in quality and quantity. And so do her skills as you can judge from those four shots above.

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