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shelley duvall interview magazine september

We have to thank Jack Nicholson for the reminder, after watching The Pledge (Sean Penn, 2001) yesterday late at night, the urge to go back to The Shining suddenly rose in our minds and that's how our eyes got caught by Shelley Duvall's uncanny and arousing features. We literally became like mosquitos (re-)discovering a lamp on a summer evening. Had to search for photographs our memories had somehow sent to their darkest forsaken corners and bring them back to life. Had to hunt and hunt all the great ones down. Like this cover of Interview from 1977 (September issue).

shelley duvall viva magazine

You may think the images are outmoded, even superannuated (though, how many photographers of today use post-modern trick over modern trick to add a vintage vibe to their pictures?), Shelley's beauty is more relevant than ever. Or, because when it comes to beautiful beings nothing is ever relevant or unbiased, we should rather say it like this: which agent wouldn't sell his mother's soul to represent a woman with a face like hers, which lensman wouldn't eat his own kids to shoot five minutes with her. We're unfortunately unable (yet) to pull her out from our screen, from Robert Altman's movies to our room but these two covers (above from Viva, the ''International Magazine for Women'', May 1974) are like diamonds – are forever.

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